Insulating Additive For Paint

  • Insuladd®, It’s not a paint it’s an additive for your paint
  • Add to any interior or exterior paint, simply mix and apply as usual
  • Once you paint with Insuladd® you never have to repaint with Insuladd® again
  • Save up to $1000 or more on your annual heating and air conditioning costs
  • Keep you cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months
Couple painting with Insuladd
Safe • Nontoxic • Easy to Use
Safe For use in Hospitals, homes, nurseries & More
Find out why over 20 years of happy customers love Insuladd®

How it Works

Heat Stays Out During Summer

Radiant barrier protects your home from 97% of unwanted summer heat through your roof!

Heat Stays In During Winter

Radiant barrier helps protect your home from losing up to 75% of heat through your roof in the winter!

See what NASA has to say about our insulating additives for paint!

Application Ideas

Metal Buildings




Exterior Walls

Interior Walls

Industrial Buildings



Shipping Containers

Mobile Homes




Hundreds of Uses

Insuladd® Facts

Painting Accessories and Additives
  • Insuladd® was developed by David Page and his work with NASA from 1995 through 1997.
  • His companies Insuladd MFG LLC and Tech Traders LLC manufacturer and market Insuladd® products globally.
  • Now you can purchase directly from the manufacturer
    Insuladd MFG LLC and save $7 over normal retail prices.
  • Simply add Insuladd® into your paint and then paint in the normal manner, what’s hard about that?
  • When you paint with Insuladd® you put a protective shield of insulation on your home.
Dont just paint, Insulate with Insuladd® Insulating Additve for Paint!

Our Clients

We would like to thank Insuladd for their support of our efforts to educate our community on energy conservation. We loved using the Insuladd demo and talking to people about this amazing product!! This is another simple way that people can make a positive impact in the energy use of their own home.

- HomeWood CF-Als, FLL

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